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Corporate Social Responsibilities
Year Social Activities
2013 Due to typhoons and heavy rains, flooding was reported throughout Guangdong where Chaonan, Shantou suffered most. Concerned with the welfare of the victims, GOME and the Non-listed GOME Group immediately formed a rescue and relief team, quickly gathered and donated RMB6.00 million worth of supplies to the people in distress.
2013 At the “Love – Development 2013: Charitable Fund Show in Binhai Hi-tech Zone” (‘愛•成長2013’濱 海高新區•愛心基金彙報演出) hosted by Tianjin Children’s Welfare Institute (天津市兒童福利院) in Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Zone, GOME made a donation of RMB200,000 to show its care for orphans and actively called for participation of the community to raise the awareness on the lives of children orphans in China.
2013 There was a magnitude-7.0 earthquake in Lushan, Ya’an city, Sichuan province. GOME immediately announced a RMB4.00 million (including relief funds and supplies) donation for early relief work in the affected areas of Ya’an and delivered urgent supplies including water, instant noodles, tents, raincoats and rain boots to the affected areas.
2012 In response to the call on energy-saving by the PRC government, GOME took the lead to promote lowcarbon consumption. It teamed up with Haier Group to launch an energy-saving consumer month at the 1st China (Beijing) International Trade Fair (referred to as the Beijing Trade Fair) and signed purchasing orders totaling RMB10 billion.
2012 GOME and China National Institute of Standardization, a national non-profit research institution engaging in standardization research, signed a leading enterprise strategic cooperation agreement on China’s energyefficient products, which aims to promote the implementation of energy efficiency standards and labeling requirements on energy-saving consumer products, leverage on the advantages of both research organizations and large retail terminal channels, promote the purchases and sales of energy-efficient home appliances, raise the public’s awareness of energy conservation, and foster an energy-saving and low-emission concept in the areas of production and consumption in China’s home appliance industry.
2011 GOME help build library for Xianbiao primary school in Guizhzhou
2011 GOME (Yolo) in Wuxi with “Jiang Nan Evening” donate water heater to hundred special families
2011 GOME in Tianjin aids RMB 50,000 to uremia patient
2011 GOME launch ‘Overage Electrical Appliances Replacement Subsidy’ event in Changzhou
2011 GOME and Yolo present Chinese New Year gifts to 300 low-income families
2010 Successfully completed, GOME’s charity drinking water project in Naning
2010 50 million of GOME members care about and aid Jiangxi flood disaster area
2010 GOME alone with 50 million GOME members aided Quzhou
2010 GOME aided the Tian Anmen guard detachment of armed policy in the modernization of information technology
2010 GOME presented RMB 500,000 of donation to the stricken area in Northwestern Fujian province
2010 GOME alone with GOME members went to Qinghai to aid the Yushu School for Orphans
2010 GOME donated RMB 6million to the victims who suffered in the YuShu earthquake
2010 GOME donated 250 tones of rice to drought area of Yunnan Province
2009 Gome established its first job training school for the disabled in Hangzhou with its Zhejiang division
2009 Gome sponsored the annual Hunan Foundation of the Disabled fund raising program
2009 Xiamen Gome sponsored a fundraising program for the flood victims in Taiwan
2009 Jinan Gome stores participated in the “Little Orange Light” book donation program
2009 GOME Staff advocates the world blood donation day and has blood donation
2009 Gome promoted and donated degradable shopping bags for the nation wide Create a green environment program
2009 Build Green Homes Together - tree planting activities in the ecological protection zone next to the Tai Lake
2009 Gome assisting underprivileged university students for travel expenses during major holidays
2009 Gome continuing supports the Sichuan earthquake victims to rebuild their home
2008 Provided RMB 2.32million to construct ‘the New Sunlight Sports Ground’
2008 GOME donated RMB 60million in aggregation to the residents who suffered in the Sichuan earthquake
2008 GOME donated RMB 1.5 million to Red Cross Society of China
2008 Gome helped the residents who suffered in the snow storm
2008 Changchun GOME donated 12,000 energy-saving light bulbs to the Chang Chun Municipal Government
2008 Chengdu China Paradise and 15 major manufacturers ses up the Wasted Home Appliances Disposal Federation
2007 GOME advocated a national program ‘Love Ignites Hope, Sweat Shines Vigor’
2007 GOME carried out the program of ‘Cooler Summer’
2007 GOME assisted the handicapped children from Henan province to participate in the activity of ‘Dream Realization—Love’ in Beijing
2007 GOME provided 1040 job positions to the disabled people across the country
2007 GOME promoted the recycling of the wasted batteries in Tianjin city to advocate the concept of environmental protection
2006 GOME offered 70 computers to the impoverished students in Beijing
2006 GOME contributed RMB5 million to a scholarship in Chaoshan Xinghe Fund
2005 GOME took the lead in the recycling of the wasted home appliances
2005 GOME provided RMB 1.1million to the school in Heilongjiang province after the severe flood
2005 GOME and Red Cross Society of China jointly sponsored the program ‘Sunlight Following the Storm, Felicity Following the Disaster’
2005 GOME advocated the campaign ‘Let Love Spread Everywhere’, and donated RMB 10 million to the Tsunami affected areas
2003 GOME donated RMB 400,000 worth of electrical appliances to the medical staff in the frontline of SARS
2002 GOME donated RMB 600,000 for Beijing Shidu Middle School