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June 2014 To further enhance the advantages of “Omni-Channel Retailer”, GOME proposed four drivers of momentum comprising structural upgrade, infrastructure upgrade, as well as online and offline acceleration. These serve to encourage creativity and innovation in every business unit of GOME.  
January 2014 GOME announced that the Group will upgrade its strategy to become a “Omni-Channel Retailer” from 2014; meanwhile, the Group will open up its low-cost high-efficient supply chain to its business partners to assist in all sales processes, including transactions, settlement, logistics services, after-sales services and support for membership integrationand mobile payment, for retailers of all channels, including online and offline retailers. The Group is working towards to achieve its goal to “build another GOME” by 2017.  
January 2013 Under the guidance of our ‘Multii-Channel Retailer’ development strategy, GOME will seize the opportunities in the Chinese home appliances market, continue to demonstrate its competitive advantages, reshape the sales model of the Chinese home appliances retail market and create greater value for our shareholders.
December 2012 At the launch of future development strategy and new brand ambassador in Beijing, GOME officially announced its corporate strategic plan for 2013-2015 as well as its brand concept and corporate culture with “Trust” as the core belief. According to GOME, its future corporate development strategy, brand concept and corporate culture will aim to satisfy the needs of consumers and customers with focus placed on an all-win principle to promote the coordinated development of online and offline businesses.
December 2012 GOME Group officially announced that it has integrated its two e-commerce platforms, the GOME online shopping mall (gome.com.cn) and the COO8 website (COO8.com), to achieve a consolidated management and resource sharing of the back-end systems. After the integration, the GOME online shopping mall will be renamed as “GOME-on-line”, which will leverage on the brand strength gained in the offline business over the years to fully integrate the online and offline resources. Meanwhile, with the strong back-end support from GOME-on-line, COO8.com will focus on the development of a comprehensive e-commerce platform operating independently under a separate brand and website.
December 2011 GOME Appliance, along with the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China Consumers’ Association, SAP, Hewlett-Packard, McKinsey & Company and over a hundred global home appliances manufacturers jointly convened a conference in Tianjin on the successful implementation of the Navigation ERP Information System.
June 2011 The pilot studies of the new ERP systems of GOME Appliance were successful in Henan and Hebei, which marked the beginning of the official implementation of GOME ERP Leader Navigation Project, and has a substantial meaning in the history of informatization of GOME.
April 2011 GOME online shopping mall (www.gome.com.cn) was newly launched. GOME took the initiative and implemented an innovative e-business model featuring the fusion of “B2C+physical stores”, thus became the first online business platform in the industry which is built on consumer demands.
November 2010 GOME invested in COO8 shopping website.
September 2009 In September 2009,GOME Group issued 3% coupon convertible bonds due in 2014 with principal amount of RMB2,357.2 million.
August 2009 In August 2009,GOME Group entered into an investment agreement with Bain Capital, pursuant to which Bain Capital agreed to conditionally subscribe for convertible bonds due 2016 issued by the Company for a total consideration of approximately RMB1,590 million.
July 2009 In July 2009,GOME Group completed the open offer of approximately 2,296 million shares at a subscription price of HK$0.672 per share on the basis of 18 open offer shares for every 100 existing shares held.
December 2007 In December 2007,GOME Group managed Beijing Dazhong Home Appliances Retail Co., Ltd.(大中電器)exclusively.
December 2007 In December 2007,GOME Group acquired Shaanxi Cellstar Telecommunication Retail Chain Company Limited(陜西蜂星電訊零售連鎖有限責任公司).
May 2007 In May 2007,Issued zero coupon convertible bonds due in 2014 with principal amount of RMB4,600 million.
January 31, 2007 In January 31, 2007,The shares of China Paradise were delisted from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
July 2006 In July 2006,Announced a HK$5.2 billion merger with China Paradise. The merger with China Paradise was successfully completed in November 2006.
March 2006 Announced the acquisition of the remaining 35% equity stake in Gome Appliance, which is the Company’s principal operating subsidiary in China. The deal was successfully completed in May 2007.
January 2006 In January 2006,Announced a strategic alliance with leading private equity investor, Warburg Pincus.
2005 In 2005,GOME Group announced the Four-Year Growth Initiative at the beginning of 2005 and completed a number of acquisitions and divested of its non-core legacy businesses.
August 2004 In August 2004,GOME Group started exploring another retail format in the form of boutique shops.
November 2003 In November 2003,The first flagship outlet outside Mainland China was established in Hong Kong.
November 2001 In November 2001,Launched a large scale service campaign – "GOME Service Project" in which a number of service pledges were introduced. Such pledges were ground breaking at the time in China and made GOME Group a pioneer in the customer service arena.
November 2000 In November 2000,A management seminar on "GOME Model" was held in Beijing, with participation of government officials from State Ministry of Information Industry, State Economic and Trade Commission, State Trade Bureau, State Council Development Research Centre, etc. and a number of renowned academics in China. The purpose of the seminar was to debate development strategies at GOME Group.
October 2000 In October 2000,Invited tenders for the first ever ten-million RMB purchase order of color televisions. The act was termed by some economists as "commercial strength and capital at work".
July 1999 In July 1999,Established its first store outside Beijing in Tianjin, thus commencing its nationwide retail coverage strategy.
1998 In 1998,GOME Group summarized its decade-long experience in the sector by publishing the "GOME Operating and Management Handbook".
1993 In 1993,The brand name "GOME" was first adopted at all its retail outlets in Beijing. This was the first version of the evolving retail chain model in China.
January 1, 1987 In 1 January 1987,GOME Group opened its first specialty retail shop of electrical appliances in Beijing.