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Business Overview
GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Limited has changed its name to GOME Retail Holdings Limited, with its subsidiaries, collectively known as the "Group" or "GOME". The new company name will provide the Group with a more defined corporate image and identity,and better reflect the current business focus and direction of its future development.

Under the strategic guideline of the new retail "6 Firsts+1" project, the Group achieved growth in its existing business through the support of strong supply chains, introduction of new business under new scenarios, construction of after-sales service market with Internet of Things ("IoT") technology, facilitation of online and offline integration using Internet technology, promotion of segmented store operation with big data, and enhancement of competitiveness by optimizing its network. The new retail "6 Firsts+1" project is an integrated online and offline ecosystem of social and business connections that puts top priority in six areas, namely: customers-first, products-first, platforms-first, services-first, sharing-first, and customer experience-first. By providing premium services, the Group has elevated the level of retailing and systematically transformed from an electrical appliance retailer to an integrated home solution provider.

Looking forward, the Group will capitalize on "new market, new business and new technology" to continue executing the existing strategy, bring high-quality goods and services to our customers and cultivate our own core competitiveness in this retail revolution. The Group will give back to shareholders and society with an exceptional business performance.