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Press Releases
Advanced deployment of an integrated & centralized, interconnected and sharing and jointly developed omni-retail ecological sharing platform GOME continued to deepen its strategic business transformation and achieved strong earnings growth with business scale and quality upgrade in 2021 2022-03-31
GOME Proactively Responds to National Strategies with Expansion of Business Quality and Quantity in 1H 2021 Accelerates the Construction of Cross-category, Cross-market, Cross-channel Consumption Ecosystem with Joint Contribution and Shared Benefits to Drive Revolution of Consumption Industry 2021-08-27
GOME Strengthened Development in the Second Phase of its “Home • Living” Strategy Upgraded Both Online and Offline Operations to Develop a Brand New Omni-channel Digital Platform with Entertaining and Social Features 2021-03-31
GOME’s “Home·Living” Strategy Speeds Up at Its All-out Efforts Entered into the Second Phase of Strategical Development to Create GOME’s Own Integrated Online and Offline Retail Ecosystem 2020-08-31
Continuously Advancing “Home • Living” Strategy Accelerating the Innovation and Transformation of the Retail Model Unlocked the Remarkable Achievement to Empower the Future 2020-03-31
GOME “Home・Living” Strategy Steadily Forges Ahead in 1H2019 Continued Sales Channel Penetration Drives Significant New Businesses Growth 2019-08-27
GOME’s Revenue on the Rise with Steady Improvement in Operations New Businesses Drive New Growth under “Home · Living” Strategy 2019-05-24
GOME Retail Announces its 2018 Annual Results Focusing on the “Home・Living” Strategy, new businesses growing fast 2019-03-29
GOME Retail Announces its 2018 Q1-3 Results Strategic Initiatives Driving the Development of Shared Retail 2018-11-28
GOME Retail Announces its 2018 Interim Results Leveraging the “Home ・Living” Strategy to Drive the Growth of Shared Retail 2018-08-29
GOME Retail Announces 2018 Q1 Results Consumption Upgrades Stimulate Shared Retail ‘Home · Living’ Strategy Steadily Forges Ahead 2018-05-25
GOME Retail Announces 2017 Annual Results Utilized Technology to Advance Internet Retail, ‘Home · Living’ Strategy Pushes Group to Next Level 2018-03-27
GOME Retail Announces Preview of 2017 Annual Results Main Business Maintains Profit Growth E-Commerce GMV Records Significant Growth 2018-03-01
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